Pinewood Derby

The men in this family take the Boy Scout derby seriously…very seriously…

On the way into the derby, J was walking in the parking lot directly in the way of a vehicle driving. I pulled him by the left arm to get him out of the way of the vehicle. J responded very exasperated, ” I HAVE to hold my car with two hands at ALL times!” The car was protected inside a customized furry sock to ward off any evil falls, mishaps or mother nuisances.

2:00 pm the weigh in begins. A has tools ready to cut the weight to exactly 5 oz. In each corner of the room, you hear drills, dremel tools and files. The weigh in line extends out the door as families are packing into the building. To A’s dismay, final weigh in by official scale is 4.99 oz. (I didn’t know that the heavier, the better. After having this explained to me why this is the case, it made perfect sense. And to think, I scored very high in engineering on my ASVAB!)

Derby carThe derby car…a mix of 5 of J’s favorite Hot Wheels: flames (of course), copper exhaust pipes and a skull decal. J is now nearly a pro at spray painting! Clearly, A is a pro at making masking tape flames for painting!

Tiger cubs derby first and the excitement builds.

2.95 seconds later and we’ve experienced J’s first derby win!

Winner’s WalkJ walks down to pick up his car at the end without trying to appear too excited. As a result, he barely moved his arms the whole walk down…T pointed this out very well later. J runs through 30 minutes of double elimination races and takes 2nd for all Tigers!

J & TJ and T try to guess who will win during the next hour’s races.

The WinnersJ’s little buddy L, on the right, took 1st place. L ended up taking 2nd place for the whole Pack and earned a great trophy! (The Pack is all the Boy Scouts of all ages.)


One Comment on “Pinewood Derby”

  1. Pinewood aficionado says:

    What a car! A real craftsman must have been involved in its construction.

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