-30 with the wind chill

I feel like I’m back in Minnesota with these numbers! I didn’t plan very well, and I needed to stop and fill up the car during the worst of it. It took me three tries before I could actually get the car door open to get out, and then when I climbed back in to wait, my leg was nearly crippled as the door slammed on it. All limbs survived. Jakki and her three kids left for Florida today…perfect timing!

We had to go back out to J’s mid-year conference. Next time you see him you ought to be able to notice his brain has grown from all the hard work! I’m pleased to say that he got all my math skills AND uncle Jay’s artistic ability! Tonight when Mrs. Jacobson asked J about his math strategies and goals for the rest of the year, he said, “Well, I don’t think I have any more math strategies. I’m using all I know!”

Last night, J’s best friend Jose joined the Tiger Cub Scout den. We were surprised when we arrived to see him and his mom. J got to introduce Jose. (“This is my best friend Jose. He lives down the block from me. He walks over to play.”) I learned a lot about Jose that night…he loves to yoyo. He drew two pictures involving yoyo’s – one with a large white and blue yoyo and one with him yoyo-ing in his house.

I’ve taken to listening to Pandora at work. It is very clever how this works, and it really gets it right! You select a song or an artist, and it searches its database for similar characteristics. You chose and save your “station”; it is possible to save several stations. I’ve got Cake, Blister in the Sun and Bob Dylan. If you still haven’t listened to Bob Dylan’s Modern Times yet, you must!

The first time I heard the Violent Femmes was at my cousin Julie’s 12th or 13th birthday party. It was a fun party! As I remember it, Julie always had fun birthday parties.

Here is a picture of J’s Halloween costume this year…a Viking. It was a big hit!

Halloween Viking


One Comment on “-30 with the wind chill”

  1. The SAW heckler says:

    You just NOW figured out there are online music services that you can program with your listening preferences? Where have you been?

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