An Absolutely True Review

I just finished The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie and it was such a great book. This is a teen book that is partially autobiographical (I believe). The writing is absolutely brilliant, and by brilliant I mean that he writes exactly as you would expect his character, Arnold Spirit, to speak. My heart broke with him and my spirits were lifted with him as Arnold navigated through his new world – leaving the reservation school to attend a white school, being shunned by his best friend and his reservation, having people expect him to do well.

The writing is honest and true, so it must be heartbreaking. I don’t find many authors tackling such difficult topics as racism with such a voice.

This is a quick read, so if you can spare a night, maybe two, it will be well worth your time.


One Comment on “An Absolutely True Review”

  1. Sal Manilla says:

    I’ve also read that book and I can testify it is truly wonderful. The characters are real and vivid and absolutely terrific. Two nights is more than enough time for such a fabulous read. In summation: Magnificent, superb, fantastic and brilliant. I’m nearly at a loss for any more adjectives to describe such an amazing turn of the page.

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