Me? Clumsy?

Okay, so this afternoon, I agreed to play Nerf Darts with J. In order to play, he had to put me through two training tests.

Test #1 – J drew a bullseye on his dry erase easel and made me shoot until I made it into the inner ring or the bullseye. After many darts, and many attempts to show me the proper way to hold the gun and aim, I made it onto the line of the inner ring. It counted.

Test #2 – I had to stand down the hall and shoot at the door. I had to hit the inner strip anywhere…it goes from the bottom up about 5 feet. I hit this on the second dart.

Game ON! We raced around the house shooting darts at one another, ducking behind furniture and walls, scooping up darts and cocking our guns. It was quite fun and a good workout.

We eventually wound up upstairs which required much more maneuvering because the space is much smaller. J wasn’t liking my strategy of waiting for him to come to me and told me so. “You never come find me when I hide.” (Imagine the puss’n’boots begging face from Shrek.) So, I agreed to start seeking as well. No sooner had I agreed, turned the corner and shot him (I hit him.), I turned back into clumsy me.

I have NO idea how I did it, but I was moving to the right sideways into a bedroom doorway, but I SLAMMED my left side of my face into the door frame. I was shocked that I did not break my glasses.

Clumsy Accident Both Survived

Unfortunately, the lump on my eyelid is in EXACTLY the same place as my cellulitis which turned into a huge staph infection…A called it my third eyeball. That infection required four doctors in four days and four different antibiotics (including IV antibiotics) to get under control. This lump seems to be not so bad, but I am concerned that perhaps another infection will start in the unlucky spot. Of course, the Staph infection started out looking like a pimple then turned into a third eyeball.

Now, for some good news. I went to the Y today to run…I made it 1 mile without stopping and didn’t die! I ran more than just one mile, but this is an emotional obstacle for me. I used to run an occasional 5K, but you wouldn’t know it by the looks of me lately. I think J and I run one this summer.

I also made some good comfort food tonight…potato and carrot soup (a puree). I also chopped all my veggies up for the week as well. It is Valentine’s this weekend, so it will be difficult. It is my birthday and I will make something for my staff this week….something yummy and delightful. Unfortunately, only about half of them like coconut, so I couldn’t make my absolute favorite coconut cake. It is so moist and wonderful. I have to survey carrot cake.


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