Smel-ly Gloves, Smel-leee Gloves


J is only 7 and yet he sometimes smells like a hockey player. (Maybe it is his northern Minnesota roots.) His winter gloves are a perfect example. Because we live where it is COLD and because the cold shouldn’t prevent one from going outside to play, I try to purchase quality gear – gloves, jackets, boots, hats, etc.

Well, it seems that while his gloves are super warm, they are disgustingly SMELLY. (Because J loves Friends, I tried to invoke Phoebe’s Smelly Cat song in the title of this post. If nothing interests him on television, he insists we turn it to Friends. He thinks Friends is on WHENEVER he wants to watch it because it is on from 6-7pm every night. Explaining to him that it is NOT on whenever he wants it to be on is a bit difficult as he replies, “But, it is ALWAYS on.”)

I wash the gloves and they get smellier. They are now to the point where if you casually touch one to hand to him, your fingers reek too. So, I ordered a pair from Land’s End. Additionally, I purchased him a new backpack because the zipper is starting to go on his. The backpack he is using was purchased from Land’s End for a diaper bag before he was born. I think my sister Mary bought it for me. Now, I know this diaper bag/backpack cost over $40 seven years ago, but it has been used continually for 7 years! First as a diaper bag, then as a traveling bag, then as a backpack. I did some hunting on ebay for some cool superhero patches and we decorated it up for J’s kinder year.

When I shop Land’s End, I ALWAYS shop the Overstock section for the best possible deals. The new backpack cost me $19.99 and should last until backpacks aren’t cool anymore!



2 Comments on “Smel-ly Gloves, Smel-leee Gloves”

  1. Tracy says:

    did you make that backpack or find one with all those superheroes on it?? my 4-year old would LOVE this!

  2. Sherrie W says:

    I actually found the patches online and sewed them on. I don’t know what gave me the idea, but he loved it! I think Santa or the Easter Bunny may have left one or two as well!

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