Snow? Snow! More snow?

We are already 12.5 inches of snow above average here. Last weekend, as I was snowblowing (for some reason, I really like to do this even though I end up smelling like gasoline afterward), A and J built this awesome snowfort.

Back of the snow fortFront of the snow fort

They used a big plastic bin to make the blocks of snow and then filled in the cracks with snow. The result has been LOTS of people slowing down as they drive by while J is playing in it and giving a shout or a thumbs up. The UPS man even told me to tell him awesome fort when he was here and J was not.  Unfortunately, after this fort was built last weekend we entered a deep freeze, but this weekend looks alot better.

The new gloves I ordered for J are working great as is the backpack. I also found him a new jacket for next winter on sale for less than $20!!

Here is a funny picture of our dog Drake. A took the picture just as he was licking his lips.



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