Grocery Samples

There has been practically nothing interesting going on lately. I’ve been working a lot. Saturday, J and I went to the grocery store. Sometimes he sits in the car and watches a movie instead of going in if I don’t have much too pick up. On this day he hemmed and hawed about staying or going. He decided to go in because he was thirsty, and he was hoping for some beverage samples. He also thought I might be longer than I said and then he would be wondering what was keeping me which would mean that he couldn’t break the rule and leave the vehicle to look for me.

So, he joined me, and he scoped out the sample situation. Right after the carts, he spotted a sample table, but no samples. He repeated that he was quite thirsty. We rounded the corner into the fruit section and picked out our pears and plums. On our way out of fruit, he spotted an orange sample. I kept going knowing he would find me. After some time, J found me and informed me that the oranges were “Blow your head off GOOD…Seriously!” Too bad he’d already chosen the pears and plums I guess.

We went through the store grabbing what we needed. The milk is in the far back of the store, so it took a while to hit the jackpot – orange juice or chocolate milk samples! He asked if he could have both, but there was no chance of that. The woman who was handing out the samples said that he could chose one, but she would fill it to the top. He chose the chocolate milk, and had any other customers been nearby, he would have sold a couple quarts for them!

Of course, I had to zig zag through the store because I forgot some stuff. During the zig zag, J said that this was EXACTLY the reason why he chose to come in…I was taking longer than I thought AND he did in fact get his thirst quenched.

This is how boring life has been here lately.

I have, however, got a slight tote bag obsession going on. I’ve been making tote bags left and right from a pattern I designed myself. (It isn’t as if sewing a tote bag is difficult but…) I’ll get some pictures up next time. It started by me wanting to make something for all 5 of J’s teachers instead of spending a fortune on end of the year gifts. I thought a tote bag would make a great gift, but wanted something a bit different than the two fabric tote. Now, I want to make them for mother’s day gifts and birthday gifts.

Other good news – A has agreed on a Wii if it is accompanied by a LCD 32″ tv. I’m thinking it is a good deal, so we’ve been negotiating rather successfully. The Easter Bunny may be having to rent a truck to drop off the goodies…I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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