Fabric & Tote Bag Frenzy

Striped Tote

I promised to show pictures of my tote bags and here they are! I am hoping to finish a lining tomorrow for one and sew the outside of another as well. I am CRAZY for these tote bags because I love the denim matched with two coordinating fabrics. I put a third funky fabric (usually) in the inside for the lining. I think J’s teachers are really going to love them!

To make the pattern I just measured a tote bag I had at home for the total dimensions. I then subtracted the 7 inch fabric block I wanted, figured a top denim piece and a bottom denim piece, and added 1/2 inch seam allowances all around. I decided I wanted about four inches for the bottom so cut out a two inch corner from each bottom side, then sewed an inch in from the matched edges. I used 7 x7 inch fabric blocks in either two coordinating or three coordinating fabrics. Two coordinating fabrics meant three squares of each; three fabrics meant two squares of each. Regardless I had to think it through well when I sewed the squares into 2 rows of three blocks. I had to make sure I had the fabric in the right direction on each side. (These are the things that usually mess me up.)

The lining is simply a 18×18 square with bottom corners cut out. I added a pocket and straps measuring 29 inches in length. I’ve actually used leftover fabric for most of the lining and blocks. I did buy some, and then I found MORE awesome fabric at Jo-Ann’s the other day for an INSANELY low price. Of course, I had to buy it.

The flower tote here is for Mrs. J whose personality truly fits this fabric.flower tote

Romantic Tote

This romantic tote is for Mrs. H. who shows her funky personality with a romantic twist. Not sure who I’m going to give the sock monkey tote to.

Sock Monkey tote

I’m also making my own labels to sew inside. I hand sewed these one day while the boys were sledding, and I was listening to This American Life in the car watching.



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