Who you work with…

I am so happy to say that I have had opportunities to work with people who have become the most incredible friends. When I worked in Fairbanks, Carrie, my boss, became an incredible friend. Carrie gave me the confidence to believe that I could survive a six week backpacking trip in Europe. I really don’t think I would have gone had it not been for her and her husband Bob who were so supportive during an incredibly difficult time in my life. Carrie is my son’s godmother as a matter of fact. Carrie helped me train for my first 5K despite the fact that I ran SLOW and she was had completed about 7 marathons. When I meet Carrie after any number of years of not seeing her, it always feels like no time has gone by.

When I worked in Rochester, Jakki and I became two peas in a pod…well, not exactly two peas that were perfectly round….it was more like she had a bump that jutted out in just the place that fit where my pea was dented. In this way we were a perfect match and complimented one another. We commiserate over trying to raise well adjusted children, we are both fascinated by the fact that there was actually a large container (you know the big coffee can size) peanut butter shortage because pepole bought Peter Pan and got sick and we both ONLY eat Born brand jelly beans and while one of us has been known to cross state lines in attempts to get them, the other thought it completely reasonable. She understood why I bought the Kate Spade wallet and completely agreed that the reason justified the purchase. Because of the nature of the work we did together, we have been known to debate the merits of which pronoun or verb is appropriate for more than 15 minutes.

Jakki was the person that knew EXACTLY what to do when my cap fell off my tooth in my office, and I bawled like a baby. She did NOT laugh at me. Instead she immediately called my dentist and asked if I needed a ride.

Now, I have these GREAT women who work with me and truly believe in the work we do. Only Stephanie, my assistant, is missing from this picture. Without her, I would not get nearly as much done as I do! I am so lucky to have these women near me! I believe they will tell me when my sweater is awful, and I trust them to tell me when I have something stuck in my teeth.



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