Nothing much “blogworthy” for nearly two weeks. Sorry, but sometimes life in Iowa is just life in Iowa.

What has happened….

I listened to the audio version of Barbara Kingsolver‘s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year in the Life of Yesterday this winter. Ever since, I’ve been trying to make better choices at the grocery store. Unlike the Kingsolver family, I am not willing to live the winter without fruit or lettuce. However, I am purposefully purchasing foods grown in the United States and fruits that are in season. I’ve been refusing to buy tomatoes because they taste horrible right now. And if I do buy a tomato, I make sure it is a good one (this means expensive right now). The last tomato I purchased was an Ugly Heirloom tomato that cost me almost $4 but it tasted really good. This is the context of the latest conversation with J at the grocery store .

J: Can we get some apples?

Mom: No, they aren’t in season.

J: So? I want some apples. And, look at this giant watermelon!

Mom: They won’t taste good because they aren’t in season. You have to buy the fruit when it is in season so it tastes good. Right now, it is winter, so the oranges taste best. When the oranges stop tasting so good, then the apples taste really good.

J: Hmmm

Later in the car as we are driving home….

J: That is really interesting about the fruit. It is the opposite of what it seems like it should be.

Mom: What do you mean?

J: Well, oranges are orange like the sun, so it seems like they should be best in the summer when there is lots of sun.

Mom: That is an excellent point. I never thought of it like that, but you are right. Maybe you should take this up with God.

J: The apples should be best in the winter except for the yellow ones. I won’t even go into all the reasons that is right with you.

What else has happened…

We got a Wii which according to the bargain I struck with A had to be accompanied by a flat screen tv. Talk about exhausting (choosing a tv, not the Wii). Here is what we learned –

  1. The most informative and professional people were at our small locally owned appliance and electronic store. They also had very competitive prices. I had done weeks of research online prior to shopping, but we still learned a great deal that we never thought to consider when talking with them.
  2. BEWARE when shopping at Walmart and stores like this. You think you are comparing the same models, but Walmart only carries the low end models of the popular brands. They likely look nearly identical, so it appears as if you are getting the same tv for hundreds less but you are getting a lower quality television.
  3. Buying an online subscription to Consumer Reports is worth the $25/year. We checked this several times as we moved through our shopping mainly because as we learned more, our preferred size seemed to keep shifting.
  4. We would have saved a lot of time had we brought our computer with us on the shopping trips and accessed the internet to check consumer reports and other sites for reviews of the tv we most recently saw. This constant confusion was the most draining of all. At one point, A could have said “we’ll take the $3945 one” and I would have said ok. Fortunately, A would NEVER say that! Wireless internet can be accessed nearly everywhere so there was a possibility of avoiding this.
  5. We do not get cable and only use an antenna which is placed in our attic. You do NOT need anything more than that to get great HDTV with a great tv. Look online for the main network local HD channels. We get more channels now than we did before. PBS has three HD channels in our area (one is all day, all kid shows), CBS, NBC, FOX, CW and others are all in HD. We do not get the ABC affiliate’s HD channel for some reason. We also get some channel that is always on fishing shows…A is in heaven!

We ended up purchasing the Samsung LN-T4061FX, and we are really happy with it. We were going to purchase it from our local shop, but found it online for what amounted to $500 less when you included tax. (This was even after paying for shipping.) We would have spent $100 or $150 more to purchase it locally, but $500 was just too much particularly when we had already increased our base price of the tv that were were getting.

Now, back to the Wii. The Easter Bunny brought Mario Party 8 which the boys liked, but I am really disappointed in it. The games are  board game simulations and the games take FOREVER!!!! Set aside at least 1 hour for only 2 real players and 2 computer players. Unfortunately, you have to always play with 4. I am thinking now that the Easter Bunny should have went with her gut and got Super Mario Galaxy.

Since this purchase I have learned that you can rent Wii games from the video store and test them before you smack down $50 to buy them! (You can tell we have never owned a game console before!) We had Gramma Babs here playing Wii bowling as well as Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Rex. Fun for all!!!

What else has happened…

I had my first cavity in more than 25 years. SERIOUSLY!!! I so rarely require any kind of dental work, that when I do, I get all worked up and am tense and stressed out. Lucky, YES, but still. So, yesterday morning, I had a small cavity filled. (Technically, it wasn’t a full blown cavity yet, but instead an area of decay that was going to be a cavity soon.) Because J was out of school for Spring Break, he watched the whole thing including the huge shot they gave me. I wanted to grab the sides of the chair but didn’t because he was watching. He drew a terrific picture of me on the chair which I’ll scan and post in the next few days. He was AWESOME!


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  1. Warren says:

    EB should have gone for Super Mario Galaxy! It’s by far our favorite so far.

    Our library also allows us to preview games for the Wii but they’re reserved months out or “missing.” Sonic and Mario at the Olympics was also a pretty good game but it requires some mad skills.

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