Don’t let the popcorn distract you

I was stumbling and found this great post on what to do when your child throws a tantrum. I seriously wish I would have thought of this because I really think think this would have worked! My J was/is as stubborn as I am which during a tantrum was a complete curse. I continue to believe that this persistence will serve him well one day.

The other night J and I were eating our bedtime snacks…he had a popsicle and I had popcorn. He says to me, “I need a drink. Will you get me one?” “Sure” as I continue to eat my popcorn and watch tv. About two minutes goes by, and J says to me, “Don’t let the popcorn distract you” and he takes the bag of popcorn away from me!

Monday nights are J and mom nights because A has meetings every Monday night for work. We get to eat things like cereal or oatmeal for dinner because those things just don’t fly when A is around. We hang out and go over the Monday folder and the homework for the week as well. Then it is Cub Scouts and home to read a bit before bed.

Tonight, we fit in a game of Skip-Bo which is a game that we’ve been playing for a while, but J is really enjoying it lately. He is getting really good which is why he is enjoying it. He won me fair and square tonight…I had two cards left and he snuck up and got me!

Last week J asked A to pull out his eighth loose tooth…J’s favorite tooth trick is to point the tooth at you. It is soooo gross! A took a kleenex and grabbed the tooth (the kleenex adds extra grip). A held the tooth while J went backward, but we were all convinced it didn’t work (or so we thought). After about 20 seconds, J realized that his tongue was NOT touching his tooth. Sure enough, the tooth was sitting in A’s kleenex. A, being the tooth fairy reminder, properly reminded me before I fell asleep about duty so we had no repeat tooth fairy mishaps the next morning.

I’ve been watching Here Come the Newlyweds diligently since its beginning. (Thank god something interesting was on during all those damn reruns.) I was hoping the Moutras would win and sure enough, they did! Not only did two great couples end up in the finale for the money (the Frieses SUCK!), but the Moutras won with total class! The voted off couples voted for who they wanted to eliminate – they voted as individuals. The Moutras won these gold envelopes that they could use to eliminate a person’s vote. It would have been a guess on their part if they were to eliminate someone who they thought voted against them or for them. After discussing the options, they decided to leave the votes as they were. It was classy! I LOVE the Moutras!

I am getting VERY excited that The Office is returning Thursday. I cannot wait!!! Unfortunately, I won’t be near a tv, but at least the thought that The Office continues is enough. Last week, they had about 3 hours of episodes all in a row. It was GREAT!! Just seeing those commercials with Dwight KILLS me! That show is so funny…the only bad thing is that when J watches it, he talks the WHOLE time – asking questions about what he doesn’t understand or repeating what was funny. UGH! It is frustrating and cool at the same time – you want to clunk him on the head or adore his sense of humor.

One last thing…we watched Atonement last week. Neither of us knew anything about it besides that it was set during WWII. We watched this over the course of two nights. The first night we watched about an hour and fifteen minutes which was BORING!!!! OMG. The longer I watched, the more I despised that little sister.

We finished the last 45 minutes on night two and SHOCK!!! It made the whole first night worth it…I even felt slightly bad about badmouthing the movie at work.


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