Back to the 1950’s – cut-up cakes and more

I’ve been gone awhile…literally. I went out to DC for work – our national conference-and just got back last night about 7pm. I hugged and played with Jack until 9pm, then set out to work on the cake for the cub scout cake auction tonight. Money raised by your cake goes into your child’s camp account…Have you seen the cost of cub scout camp?? Needless to say, I went all out.

Cake Inspiration: My BFF Jakki’s mom cut up cake pattern book from 40 years ago. Sidebar – A cut up cake is created when you take a 9×13 baked cake, cut it into specific sizes and shapes, then rearrange them to create something far more interesting than a 9×13 cake! This can also be done with round cakes, too – remember the bunny cake you made in home economics?? Here is an example of the bunny cake and here is a more creative example of a hula girl.

Many years ago, Jakki gave me the pattern for the car cake which I never used because the opportunity never presented itself. Well, now that we are Down and Derby-ing with the cub scouts, the occasion has arrived!

I took some liberty with the cake…Aaron suggested we make the front wheel smaller than the back to better display the car design, and I added a driver. (I will have Aaron scan the pattern so you can compare it to my version.)

Derby Cake

Thanks to the birthday present my mom gave me this year…every single frosting tip imaginable along with every color paste practically, I was able to create green grass (accentuated with green flake coconut),
brown road (accentuated by cake crumbles), gray/black wheels (customized red hot in the center), and a black and red flame car (accentuated by red and black sugar). It was a lot of fun to create.

Here is a 3-D side view version.

3D Derby Car

Stay tuned for the auction amount. I must say that I will be disappointed if we don’t make the top three entries.


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