$50 cakes

Well, as it turns out, our cake went for $50 which was the most popular price. Only a couple cakes went for more and one was a bid-off between a grandpa and a grandma!

There were more than 30 cakes which took FOREVER to auction off, but it was fun. Each boy determined the starting price and called the going once, going twice, SOLD!  Jack wanted Cake #8 a volcano cake with simulated lava of baking soda, jello and lemon juice or Cake #28 which was Darth Vader. He decided that we would go for the volcano, and it was very exciting.


I was a bit shocked that these cakes were going for so much money. Many parents were priced right out of the auction, but the good thing was that ALL the money raised will be divided equally between all boys in the pack. These “credits” are used to buy-down the cost of summer camps.


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