Constant State of Clean

Today marks two full weeks since our house has been “on the market.” A and the boys think I have a high standard of clean most of the time which is not to say that our house is never a mess, but we are speaking in generalities here. Every day before we leave for work, we do a sweep through in case the house will be shown. One appointment arrived an hour earlier than I thought and so I shoved EVERYTHING into the dishwasher because I was cooking dinner at the time.

At least now, these boys of mine now have a good comparison to my standard of clean. We have evolved to what was considered clean previously (a couple cups on the counter next to the sink) has now become dirty.  The other day, A and J came home and a neighbor wanted to have a look. J’s comment to A was “the house is dirty…I don’t think I rinsed my toothpaste from the sink.” As it turned out, this neighbor has come back twice to look and last time informed me that “she had been to the bank.” It will be unfortunate if we pay 6% to the realtor when we could have put a for sale by owner sign out front and sold it just as easily. However, we will feel fortunate to have sold the house.

We’ve spent the last two weekends looking at about 16 houses. It wasn’t until number 14 that we actually saw a house that we felt “This is it!” We aren’t ready to commit yet, but we stew about it every night. It is in the suburb next to the preferred suburb and because it is metro, four miles means 12-15 minutes. Have I mentioned that I HATE traffic??? Not that many people particularly enjoy traffic, but I also am not crazy about suburbs, so I’ve got to have some balance somewhere.

When we started this house search, I stated up front that I didn’t like split levels. I grew up in one and it isn’t that I necessarily disliked it, it just brings back sad nostalgia in leaving it. Of course, THIS IS IT house is a split level that we both LOVE. It is very much like my cousin Julie’s home although she has a great three season porch off the back and this one does not.

A and I are racking up over 200 miles a day in commutes, so we are getting a bit concerned as the price of gas here today is $3.49 a gallon. Plus, we just had to put in $1000 into one of the vehicles for regular maintenance…well, $700 was regular maintenance and $262 was for a new windshield wiper motor. Yes, that is right, a windshield wiper motor cost $262. Actually, that is the cost for a rebuilt one ($160 plus labor) as a new one is $300 plus labor. Who knew?

Tulips are blooming, but the daffodils haven’t shown up…don’t know what is wrong because they bloomed last year. We’ve mowed the lawn twice, and by we I mean A. It will probably be two more weekends before I plant potted flowers because two nights ago we had a hard freeze. I replanted several of our flower beds last fall, so I am excited to see how they will turn out…Iris are appearing where they never were before.


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