Hello Kitty, Happy Birthday

A has a thing for Hello Kitty. To be fair, our family has a thing for A liking to draw Hello Kitty. It started before I showed up on the scene. A’s son T will sometimes ask A if he will draw Hello Kitty like he used to…evidentially, this used to be one of A’s past times and he ended up getting quite good at it. So, with this request, I kicked it up a notch at Christmas when I was in the library and passed Hello Kitty Haikus staring at me. I checked it out, wrapped it up and gave it to A as a gift. T and J laughed so hard, but the joke had to be explained to A because he conveniently forgot that he was quite the Hello Kitty artist. I thought it was even funnier that he had to return the book to the library!

So, this is the context in which I was at Dairy Queen last Friday night looking for A’s prized ice cream cake. (Unfortunately for me, he doesn’t really like real cake and has requested an ice cream cake for two years in a row.) I searched the first two cases up and down for a cake that was interesting beyond old man Happy Birthday. I was beginning to pick which of the stupid cakes I would get when low and behold the third case held a beautiful Hello Kitty staring directly AT ME with those eyes of hers as if knowing that she WAS the cake for A. So, I bought it and walked out with a smile that only Hello Kitty could provide.

The whole experience was tinged with sadness since I knew T would not be with us this weekend to share in this joke that he really could have appreciated! He would have loved the joke! I’ll share these pictures with him when we see him next.


One Comment on “Hello Kitty, Happy Birthday”

  1. Aaron says:

    Tired of having to correct you all the time! It’s NOT that I don’t like “real” cake, it’s just that I was hungry for an ice cream cake. But with you it’s all one way or all the other…..so evidently I wanted an ice cream cake because I just don’t like any other kind of cake.

    And who gives a library book as a present?

    And take down the picture of me, I look stupid.

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