The wonders never cease around here…

Tonight, J and I read through his Ranger Rick magazine before bed. This month’s issue features caterpillars which was very interesting to me because J’s class just released the butterflies they grew from caterpillars. Anyway, I cannot remember how the subject came up, but J starts telling me about how the other day at school he picked up a garter snake. (He is telling me this in the same EXACT way he told me that they were studying desert ecosystems.) I thought he was lying, so I grilled him.

Mom: Where at school are there garter snakes?    J: In the grass, near the fence.

Mom: Who was with you?     J: My guy friends.

Mom: How did you know garter snakes don’t bite.    J: I read books about snakes ALL the time! (This was news to me despite the fact that I got a look like are you stupid or something when I asked.)

Mom: What color were they?   J: Black with a yellow stripe. (When he answered this one correctly, I was sure he was telling the truth and my jaw literally dropped.)

J: What is the problem?

Mom: This is just something that I thought you would’ve told me about the day it happened, so it is hard to believe.

J: It isn’t my problem if you don’t believe me, but I’m not lying.

Mom:  Do the teachers know about the snakes?    J: Yes. Get away from the snakes!! (Jack’s imitation was quite good.)

Mom: Who else picked up the snake?   J: No one else. *Thinking hard* Well, no one when I was there.

Mom: How did you pick up the snake?  J: (Two hands out about one foot from one another in a grasping motion.)

Mom: How did you put down the snake? Did you drop it or throw it?   J: No, I put it down gently. I always teach my friends being good to nature, and snakes are like part of nature. (YES he said like.)

Mom: You never cease to amaze me.    J: It’s not my fault.

So, I give up! It doesn’t really bother me that he picked up a snake. What bothers me and makes me so sad is that all this happened, and he didn’t think to tell me. I am losing him to the world of friends and school and all that exists outside and away from me. I HATE having it slapped in my face.


One Comment on “The wonders never cease around here…”

  1. Aaron says:

    Jack has no “fear” response, which apparently is a prerequisite for being the next “Crocodile Hunter”. Unfortunately, we all know how that ended up for the “first” Crocodile Hunter. A little bit of fear is important for the survival of our species.

    Just don’t show him any pictures of the guy who puts snakes in his nose and pulls them out of his mouth. I fully expect to see him trying something like this:

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