The Dutch, Tulips, still in Iowa

We went to Pella Tulip Time which is held in Pella, Iowa. This is a festival which celebrates the high concentration of Dutch men and women in this area. (One guy told A this weekend that he grew up in Pella, but wasn’t Dutch. The kids used to taunt him with If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much.) I am positive this little girl will not grow up to say such things.

Everywhere you look, men and women and children are dressed in their ethnic Dutch outfits which in many cases have been handed down through generations.

This town has tulips planted EVERYWHERE. You can tour the founder of the town’s home and visit his backyard which has over 30,000 tulips. Seriously. I can barely dig up a 15×2 foot tulip bed in the front of my house without my back killing me.

The town also has a tulip order business in which they sell their own special bulbs. When I got back from Tulip Time, I was asked by three different people if I saw the GIANT tulips and if they were really GIANT. (These were the new tulip variety introduced this year.) Yes, I saw the giant tulips, and yes, they are giant. This first picture is a bed of the giant tulips. The second picture provides context…J’s hand which is slightly smaller than mine. He is 7.

This is my favorite picture that I took of the tulips.

You can’t go to Tulip Time and not stand in a long line at one of the two bakeries for a Dutch Letter. I don’t even like almond flavor much, but there is nothing like a Dutch Letter and a cup of coffee. Just skip the greasy funnel cake and save room for the pastry. We asked at the bakery why the Dutch Letter is always in the shape of an S, and she said two reasons: it was to celebrate Sinterklass Day on Dec. 6th and because an S is easy to make.


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