Kristi Who?

J enjoys Dancing With The Stars. I have to admit that after watching many episodes, I kinda like it too. It isn’t something that I would be sure to watch, but if it is on and nothing else interesting is on, I’ll watch it. I am completely impressed at what it takes to move like that. At any rate, J started watching last year after Grandma Mary got him hooked. She is a DEVOTEE of the DWTS…never misses an episode.

Last night was the season finale in which we found out which of the three couples would win – Jason Taylor (fire burning hot), Christian de la Fuente (who danced great despite a torn tendon), or Kristi Yamaguchi. They didn’t announce the winner until well after J’s bedtime, so at dinner tonight, I informed him.

Mom: Hey, J, Kristi Yamaguchi won Dancing With The Stars last night.

J: Kristi Mamaguchi?

A: Kristi who?

J to A as if he’d known all along and was not just told: Kristi Mamaguchi. She won the gold medal.

I like Kristi Mamaguchi so much better!

We are still living in a constant state of clean which I have to admit is a bit stressful, but at the same time is kind of nice because the house is always clean! It is annoying in the morning though when you are trying to get out the door and you see things that should be put in order just in case we have a showing.

In my old life, I was something of a MS Paint stick figure artist. I could create stick figure worlds which were impressive to stick figure aficionados. Granted, there are relatively few, but hey, my brother could outdraw me from the time he could hold a pencil, and he’s a year younger than me…MS Paint stick figure art is the closest I’ll ever come to any kind of art talent! At any rate, one day last week, I made a drawing of our house sale pending situation thinking it would make me feel better. As it turned out, it made me feel worse, but I’ll share it with you here.

I borrowed a book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman, from my friend Sarah about four years ago before she moved to Arizona. I just picked it up and read it. The book is about a Hmong family’s experience with the American medical system when their daughter is diagnosed with epilepsy. It is incredibly interesting from a clash of culture anthropological perspective. I learned a lot, and it reinforced my belief that I would not survive if I were forced to leave all that I know and dropped somewhere that all my knowledge was completely useless. No doubt about it, I would not last long as a refugee.

I’m looking for new books to read as I’m in an anti-audiobook funk right now. I think it is mainly because I haven’t found a good one in a while. Suggestions are welcome!


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