Garage Sale Hell

I just realized that I hadn’t published the last post, so the timing is a bit off.

We had a garage sale Saturday…it was supposed to be Friday and Saturday, but Friday was rainy, so I canceled it which was a good thing since I would never have been ready. I always forget how much work it is to get a garage sale ready. I worked all day Friday tagging and organizing and was still up until 1 am getting stuff ready Saturday morning. A and I woke up at 6am to get moving and of course, our first early bird arrived at 7 am. At least the onslaught of early birds didn’t arrive until 7:30, but everything was still not out. We had some great sales before 8am though. We got very lucky because the church two doors down was also having a garage sale, so we had a steady stream of business until noon despite the chilly weather.

Kid’s clothes usually sell very well at garage sales, but not mine.  I sold less than fifteen pieces of kids clothes. Of course, these items take the most time to organize and tag. J has some quality clothes too…cute and quality…most of these clothes also went through at least one of my nephews. Fortunately, I learned very early on that the clothes from Old Navy stain and don’t wash out, but clothes from the GAP, OshKosh, etc. cost more but wash well (less shrinkage, better wear, and stains come out much better). So, what others lost, A’s sister gained for her son.

The weather threatened to rain, but it did hold off. Unfortunately, it was warmer from 6:30-7:30 am than it was until 1pm.  We were completely exhausted by the end, but counting the $720 provided a little energy boost. Goodwill got a good chunk, some was donated to another garage sale raising money for a girl going on a student exchange to Japan, and the “free” pile got quite large.

It is nice to have all the stuff out of here because it really was a lot of stuff! It makes me feel really good to not fill the landfill with stuff that others can find useful as well.


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