I think posting my MS Paint drawing moved the karmic universe in our direction because we just accepted our second offer on our house tonight! Second offer you say…well, this offer comes with NO conditions of other houses to sell! Our first offer has 24 hours to get financing or we can accept the second offer which is only $500 different than the first offer! My sister was the first person I told because she happened to text at the right time, PLUS she offered to come down and help! Yeah, she rocks.

Of course, all good comes with something less than great – the closing date is in 28 days! That means that the constant state of clean will be turning into the constant state of packing and chaos with school wrapping up, two weddings to attend (one 400 miles away) and baseball games!

A and I just took a LOT of boxes out of the attic for our garage sale on Saturday. I have a LOT of work to do tomorrow to get ready, plus J has family lunch at school, and it is my volunteer day in the afternoon. Oih veh!


One Comment on “SOLD!”

  1. Swarupa says:

    Hi Sherrie,
    Congratulations on the sell!
    let us know if you need any help moving…
    Take Care.

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