Packing, Tornadoes and Rain

We have been so busy it isn’t funny. We had a wedding that we had to travel to each of the last two weekends. (Both were lots of fun, but weekends are when we can get something done!)

I’ve been packing like a madwoman…going to the grocery store every couple days to gather boxes. We rented a storage unit and loaded up everything we packed so far into two vehicles. We drove down tonight to drop off one load…the car was completely packed and when we put it in the storage unit, it looked like a handful of boxes. We have a lot of work to do before next Wednesday when we leave this house.

The boys are crazy for Legos – they put things together and they stay put together, so I’ve been very concerned about moving them all without breaking them into hundreds of pieces. I stopped at the UPS store and bought a HUGE bag of packing peanuts for the second part of my Lego packing plan. (The bag was as tall as I am to start with.) It cost me $20 and if I can find another store, they should take them back and recycle the peanuts. If this $20 keeps these Legos relatively intact, then it will have been well spent. The first part of the plan, I believe, is going to be crucial to the process – I am putting each Exoforce guy, Batman car, and Star Wars ship in a small garbage bag (the bathroom trash size) and tie it with a twist tie. Those that are bigger, I’ll use plastic grocery bags. The plastic bag is important in the event that the pieces come apart. (I do not have the patience to dig through packing peanuts for tiny Lego pieces.) I will then cradle each bag in tightly packed peanuts so movement is minimized. I’m keeping my finger’s crossed.

We have already had a very active tornado season this year. Last Tuesday evening, there were no television shows on because the weather people stayed on constantly telling everyone about how many tornados were coming their way. Last Wednesday night/Thursday morning, we woke up at 1:30 am to the tornado siren. I heard it, but it didn’t really register.

A: “S that was the tornado siren.”

S: “Uh. Should we do something?”

A: “We should go check the weather on the tv and go into the basement.” DUH. I knew this, but I wasn’t thinking about tornadoes while sleeping. A had the Parkersburg tornado going through his mind thankfully.

I got J up and we checked the weather on the tv and sure enough a tornado was spotted and headed our way. We went into the basement with a laptop (thank god for wireless), corralled the dog quite easily into the kennel in the basement, but the cat absolutely refused to cooperate. A tried to get her into her kennel and bring her in the basement, but instead she just meowed like crazy at the top of the stairs. J and I snuggled under the stairway under a blanket as we heard another siren and the wind really picked up. Thankfully, we had nothing come near us, but it was very scary. J was very frightened. The next morning at summer camp, J learned that some kids had to sleep in the basement or in bathtubs.

It has rained practically constantly for weeks. The rivers are about to go over the 1993 flood stage and today, we had to take major detours because the roads to get into town were flooded. Last week a woman somehow drove into a ditch, then drowned because the ditch was flooded. Our grass is long because we haven’t been able to mow it, and the yard is soggy. More rain this week.


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