End of the School Year

Last Tuesday was J’s last day at his GREAT dual language school. (He spends half his time learning in Spanish and half his time learning in English.) It is sad to leave this year in particular because the third year of instruction is when many of the native English speakers really begin speaking in Spanish. (Their second year they spend most of their time comprehending and learning to speak it.) So, I’ll have to find him a Spanish tutor where we are moving somehow. Tutor sounds expensive though, particularly in an urban area.

At any rate, on Monday toward the end of the day, I brought in the tote bags I made for each of his teachers (2 leads, 2 Spanish paras and 1 English para). I worked hard that morning completing two of the bags because I gave a bunch of bags away for Mother’s Day as well. I worked hard to find fabrics that seemed to fit the personality of the teachers. (I volunteered in the classroom every week, so I had a pretty good idea on this thankfully.) Here is what I ended up with…

This is a picture of the a full sized bag in a different pattern…

They were a lot of fun to make and easy too considering I made the whole thing up based on another tote bag I had. The bags were all lined in a coordinating fabric, had a large interior pocket and were very sturdy with the denim. I ironed on interfacing to the six pieces of insert fabric to make them a bit stiffer. Of course, they all had my handmade tag as well.

It was a tearfest when I delivered them. What was surprising was that the first grade teachers chipped in and got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my volunteering. It was so sweet! J was going to take them home on the bus until I showed up! To be honest, I was just thrilled that they let me come every Wednesday afternoon and be a part of the classroom!

I feel so lucky to have gotten to know his teachers and his classmates so well!


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