Sex In The City movie

I was a fan of Sex In The City though I didn’t ever get HBO. When I would spend the night at my parent’s house and sleep in a room with a tv, I would usually catch Sex In The City or Trading Spaces marathons. Unfortunately, this meant that I rarely got sleep because if the tv is on with something interesting in front of me, I will watch it FOREVER despite sleepy eyelids. This also meant that I could catch up on many episodes all at once which was great. I ended up getting the season dvd’s to complete my viewing background.

So, I was mighty skeptical when I heard that a movie was being made because so often the movie versions SUCK!!! I hadn’t read much about it since it came out two weekends ago which means that it couldn’t be that bad. I went up to visit my sister Friday night and her husband watched all 4 boys (thanks, Nate!), so we could go to the movie.


It was a full two hours, but it was good. I REALLY liked that it was about making yourself a family in every sense of the word, about making a marriage work, about forgiveness and about being happy. I would have been very disappointed had it been all about the singles and sex in the city. What was particularly funny about this whole thing was that there were two fights in this movie that I had literally just had with A within the last two weeks. The one that made me bust out laughing was early on when Miranda got some foam on her lip, and Steve told her it was there. Miranda’s response was to tell Steve that he was always too critical of her (which was my response as well). It was funny to see the same argument from the outside looking in and being able to recognize how ridiculous I was being.

I love Steve..he’s a guy like everyone knows. He tries his darnedest, admits when he’s wrong or has screwed up and is essentially the guy that every girl wishes she could find, except he is a bartender. He loves Miranda despite her flaws.

I loved that the movie had these hilarious moments that were the kinds of things that happen to real people, like me. I also loved that it wasn’t a clear cut happy ending with Carrie marrying Big. I loved that Carrie became wonderful friends with her new assistant as well. I also loved that Carrie sucked it up and purchased her own bifocals!

So, girls, see this movie with someone you love regardless of what kind of love it is – for me, it was sisterly love.


2 Comments on “Sex In The City movie”

  1. Aaron says:

    Thank GOD I don’t have to see it on the Netflix queu. Sex and the City is bad for women in either it’s TV or movie carnation. Superficial and immoral.

    I heard one of the women craps her pants in the movie. I’m assuming this is the part you’re referring to when you write: “I loved that the movie had these hilarious moments that were the kinds of things that happen to real people, like me.”.

    And I know if you stayed up late watching TV, you didn’t suffer for lack of sleep! You simply slept in a few hours late or caught up on your sleep with a 3-hour nap in the afternoon.

  2. patrick says:

    Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women… people either love the movie or they hate it

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