We are moved!

Well, the past week has involved lots of packing, late nights and exercise, but we are now residing in our new house! We were so fortunate to have lots of help from family members helping us move, clean and unpack. Despite the fact that we had a huge garage sale and sold a ton of stuff, we still have too much shit. We nearly filled a 10×20 storage garage, a 24 foot moving truck, two pickups, a saturn sedan and a freestyle AND we still had to go back twice to get everything else! On moving day, we finally left the house after the second shift at midnight, and because the new owners took possession first thing in the morning, we had to put one final truckload of items in our neighbor’s driveway covered with a tarp. (We were confident they wouldn’t mind which they did not.) Too much stuff.

Gertie, our cat with a major attitude, is trying very hard to declare her territory clearly to Drake, our dog. Drake will have nothing of her attitude. (In our other house, we were able to pretty much keep them separate by floor which both of them liked.) Drake is really enjoying his free roaming in a fenced yard.

J decided a couple days prior to our move that he really didn’t want to move, but once he was able to start organizing his room, he changed his mind. He kept complaining that his new room was smaller than his old room (which is correct), but we kept pointing out that the new room would not be shared with his brother.

T missed the whole moving process, but I know that he is going to really like his new room when he visits next time. His room has a ledge around it which will be perfect for displaying Legos and other items.

New furniture shopping has been 50% successful as we’ve purchased a dining room table and chairs. A has hated my table since day 1, so Thursday I will have an official sewing/craft table and Friday our new table and chairs arrive! We still are searching for living room furniture.

Though the kitchen is cramped, I am finding a home for things. We actually have a lot of closet storage in this house which is very different than the last. Our new closet is about three times larger than the last. And though I am not a carpet person, my sore feet have really enjoyed the soft carpet underneath my feet.

I can’t wait until my friend Jakki comes down Thursday because our two days together involves painting over the orange-y entry way and a pedicure!


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