I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed of late because there is ALWAYS more stuff to find a home for in the new house. Right now, it is the little things that are bothering me such as stuff that we used to put into a cabinet that stayed with the old house, pictures, files, etc. True to my nature, I usually stay exasperated with the entire situation until about 9pm when I then enter a cleaning/sorting/organizing tirade until I am ready to collapse into bed anywhere between 11pm and 1am. In the old days, I used to decide at 9pm that I could whip up some curtains in an hour. Yeah right.

Speaking of sewing, I now officially have a craft room with a sewing table and everything!

All are happy that I will no longer have to hijack the dinner table in the middle of sewing projects. J is quite happy that he has a space to do his art as well. He really is turning out to be quite the artist!

Thankfully, Jakki came down over the weekend and we got some serious organizing and painting done. First on our to do list was organizing the kitchen cabinets. Our old house had really tall cabinets which increased storage room, while this one does not have tall cabinets. It also seems that all the lower cabinets are unfairly small even by my standards. Prior to Jakki’s arrival, we had a cabinet that even made A shutter with disapproval, and now, we have a beautifully organized and appearing cabinet.

Jakki and I also spent Friday painting the entryway a beautiful cranberry color. It was a tangy orange color that made you feel as if you should be in Florida, and we are not, so it is gone. I am not allowed to paint near ceilings for reasons demonstrated in this picture, and Jakki doesn’t do ladders, thus the orange stripe along the top that A will complete. (For the record, these are the only two ceiling spots that require A’s attention.)

The painting was a bit distressing because we used Ralph Lauren paint which splatters everywhere and has very poor first coat coverage. We were both very concerned that it would require three coats after seeing the first one. We were in luck though because the second coat covered very, very well.

We were able to take in dinner at the Cheesecake Factory that night and while I stuck with the original cheesecake, Jakki had an absolutely delicious chocolate coconut cream cheesecake.

Jakki dolled out advice on counter space and picture placement; I got to play the tooth fairy via telephone for her daughter who was very concerned that she’d lost her tooth when Mom was not home. I was quite good I must say and brokered a reasonable deal with Cate whose father referred to her as “beyond reason, into tired crazy girl logic” or something to that effect when trying to talk her out of calling the tooth fairy.

Since I found my battery charger, here is the checklist that J wrote the day we moved. I love it!

J and I have devised a system of security as well. His school is 1.5 blocks up the street, and since he likes to go when I am busy, we have discovered that our walkie talkies work beautifully. He calls me when he is at the corner prior to crossing the street, when he gets to the schoolyard, then when he wants to come home (usually only 6-8 minutes after having arrived). This system has provided much needed security for us both, and I am guessing that his 6-8 minutes away will gradually become longer.

T comes this week and will see his room for the first time. I am excited because I think he is really going to like it even though it isn’t organized as he’d like it. The idea is most of the fun!


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