Tattoo removal

Well, tonight Jack and I sat and watched two hours of The Baby Borrowers mainly because he was grounded from playing outside with friends for mouthing off from playing outside. He stopped into the living room to watch a little bit of Friends, then we started watching the show.

The show’s premise is this: teenagers who think they are ready to have a baby are required to spend three days each with an infant, then a toddler, then pre-teens, then teenagers, then elderly people. Tonight was toddlers first, then pre-teens. He thought these kids were “Just my style” (his style, not mine). One of the girls was 7 years old and threw tantrums like a three year old and was quite mean to her sister. I pointed out how ridiculous she looked and how pointless it all was. (I’ll have to get back to you on whether or not it sunk in.)

At one point this 7 year old had to stay in her room in a timeout because she locked “dad” and sister out of the house. The teen “dad” wanted an apology from her before she could leave her room. He tried to coax her into apologizing by eating popsicles with her sister and offers of pizza. She just went ballistic instead. Finally, she wrote an apology on a sheet of paper and shoved it under the door for “dad” to find. Jack thought this was very clever and said so.

Another teen parent couple were told that they behaved like friends, not parents. Jack asked for clarification on that, and so I filled him in on the difference. He then saw the previews for the teenagers next week and predicted trouble. I told him that I wanted him to be 15 and still be talking to me and giving me kisses even though it may not be cool. He did not commit to anything.

During commercials, we flipped over to Supernanny, a repeat I’d already seen, but I really hate watching commercials plus I may have an undiagnosed case of ADD, but we won’t go there. Supernanny provided a tip to parents about making an easy star chart and how it can positively reinforce good behavior particularly when a family gets stuck in a negative reinforcement rut. (Any mother of a high-spirited child can relate to this!) Here is the conversation that followed nanny’s tip.

Jack: What’s so great about a star chart?

Mom: Does it ever feel like I don’t talk about the good things you are doing and I only focus on the bad?

*pause for thought*

Jack: No.

Mom: Really????

Jack (after thinking he clearly said the wrong answer): No, well, eh sometimes.

I think that gives me permission to seek laser removal of my worst mom ever tattoo across my forehead for the tooth fairy incident.

On to less interesting things…

I’ve been carpooling for two weeks now because driving round trip to work 90 miles is seriously putting a dent in my checkbook. Stefani and I carpool twice a week which is great for both of our checkbooks, but she is a morning person, and I am not. She needs to be to work by 8am, where I would normally stroll in between 8:30 and 8:45. We meet at 7am which means I have to get up by 6am to leave by 6:50am. (Did I mention that I still make an english muffin breakfast and hot tea for my hubby??)

The first day I got SO much done before 10am I couldn’t believe it! The high wore off though by morning #2, particularly by night #2 when I was exhausted by 10pm. (I’m a night owl, so this is usually the time that I get a second wind and start cleaning for the evening.) I survived and here I am in the middle of week two. Also, she has given me some good cooking ideas.

We are taking the kids to the Dells (of Wisconsin), and so I’ve been talking about it. I am so surprised at how many Iowans have never been there! It is much better now that there are water park options for rainy days! The kids are going to love it! It isn’t Legoland California, but it’ll still be fun! This summer has been so crazy with the move, that it will be the only time we camp this summer. (We normally camp 5-7 times over the summer.) We will be able to try our our Therm-A-Rests out that we got for Christmas.

Another baby was saved in Iowa today because of the Safe Haven law. This is the law that allows a baby to be dropped off at a hospital and left without consequences to the person dropping it off. This, of course, prevents babies from being abandoned in unsafe conditions.

Iowa’s golden girl, Shawn Johnson, is off to the Beijing Olympics and is on lots of national commercials now. She is a 16 year old gymnast and current World Champion. Jack thinks she is on the commercials because she is from Iowa, not because she is an Olympiad. Unfortunately, our camping trip is scheduled during part of the Olympics. 😦 At least my world traveler friends, Carrie and Bob, are taking their kids to China for the Olympics!!! They will be taking in some gymnastics, track and field, BMX and much more! I am so jealous!!! The kids even are missing the first week of school!

Last aside…I love that Aaron, Jack and Troy all know how to properly use “well” (instead of “good”). They have no idea why (one is an adverb and the other is an adjective).


2 Comments on “Tattoo removal”

  1. Aaron says:

    I think I’m going to start my own blog so I can correct everything you write in your blog. For instance….you are NOT a night owl….or a morning owl….or an afternoon owl. If there is an owl that sleeps and naps all day, evening, and night long, that is the type of owl you are. And you only seem to want to clean at 10:00 at night on those occasions when you are all pissed off about something and then you fire up the vacuum while Jack and I are trying to sleep.

    AND, the first two mornings you car-pooled, you did NOT make my breakfast by the way…..It took me a while to figure out what was going on because usually the food is just there on the table as if by magic. I decided not to question a good thing and screw up the magic toast. I guess I didn’t realize it was there because of YOU. I finally put that connection together and now we have the situation corrected.

    And by the way, you should tell your readers about how your husband made your coffee every morning and ironed your clothes for the first 2.5 years… making my tea and breakfast as of late is a fairly new development. One that is appreciated…..

  2. We’ve found at our tattoo removal clinic that the removal procedure is one of the most powerful lessons parents can teach their kids about the consequences of their actions. Taking 5-8 sessions with blisters, scabbing, and the cost involved (instead of their first car!) really makes it clear what a mistake can cost you! Enjoyed reading your post!

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