Mom, when I grow up…

We are watching Last Comic Standing tonight as a family. (Hey it is on at 7pm.) Tonight the comics had a challenge at the Playboy Mansion with a bunch of bunnies. Jack asks, “Mom, why are they all in swimsuits?”

Two minutes later, Jack asks, “Mom, when I grow up, will you take me there to choose a wife?”

I say no through pierced lips. Aaron asks, why while laughing. (Troy in the background is laughing hard.) Jack says, “Because they have a hot tub.”

Yeah right.


One Comment on “Mom, when I grow up…”

  1. Aaron says:

    I asked Jack why he thought it would be a good place to find a wife and he said “because they are all laughing and smiling”. I told him it is wise to choose a wife who laughs at your jokes. When his mom said she would not take him to the mansion to find a wife, I volunteered. However, I told him he had to try to find a wife on his own first. I’m hoping Hef discovers this blog post and sends me a couple invites. Jack may be a little young to go, but I’ve got a friend who is still single (T. Muff) and perhaps we can find a wife for him there.

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