I still am here!

August has been crazy around here, and I am officially exhausted. Even Drake is tired!

Today, was Jack’s first day of second school!!! How did that happen? Here he goes with his friend up the street. I can’t wait to hear about his day!

I am very pleased to report completion off two major sewing projects of late. The first was a shopping bag for my mother-in-law. It is her very belated Mother’s Day gift. She knew it was going to be late (not this late though) because of the move. It didn’t take me long to complete, especially since I made up the pattern again. I took ideas from two of my other bags and combined them. I also made sure to enclose all seams since it isn’t lined. I can’t remember where I saw another blogger do this, but it was a great idea for a clean finish.

It did turn out taller than I wanted, but it will still work. Because it is so tall, the top folds in, so I attached two buttons and a loop to pretty it up.

The second project was my friend’s surprise birthday party this past weekend. I made table runners from a fabric that I had that I knew she would like. As is always the case, the ironing it is what is important!!! You can see the table runner underneath the cakes in this picture. I made the cakes as well with two new recipes that worked very well.

The cake was Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Fudge Cake and the mock buttercream was made with marshmallow fluff and was found in Country Living Magazine. Note that there are only two cakes in the picture. The third cake bit the dust because someone let me carry it outside without supervision. I twisted, turned and finally fell into two chairs and landed on my back. I did NOT break the cake stand, and the cake landed perfectly on the ground after first bumping my breasts. A couple of advil and a drink and I made it fine. The next morning, I could barely move though. Thankfully, today I feel good which is very surprising.

We also spent time in August with family and friends in MN, then took the kids to Wisconsin Dells. They had a good time with all the go karts, roller coasters and water slides at Mt. Olympus. I have fond memories of cheap hotels, fresh cinnamon rolls and family style restaurants from my younger days of visiting the Dells. The downtown was almost exactly as I remember it. The waterpark area had changed quite a bit. The Trojan Horse was the favorite go-kart track.

Tinkering School…Aaron heard this Monday on All Things Considered on the drive home. It is GREAT!!! This guy started this summer camp for kids to tinker. If they want to learn how a dishwasher works, they take it take apart. If they want to build a boat, they make a real, floatable boat. Parents have to sign a waiver saying that if their kids are hurt or killed, they will not hold the camp liable. This audio is hilarious…listen for the girl hitting the tree (repeatedly) at the bottom of a saggy zipline a ten year constructed. Jack and Troy would totally love this camp!


One Comment on “I still am here!”

  1. Kathy says:

    Got the bag and it works great! The buttons are toooo nice to use on a grocery bag. I didn’t know Aaron has named you the bag lady. Thanks again. Jack seems excited about school.

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