Cakes and Traditions

While stumbling tonight, I found the Cake Wrecks blog which is awesome! They poke fun at cakes without the mean-spirit. I seriously hope that I don’t end up being poked by them!

Last year on the first day of school, I made Jack a first grade first day of school cake which I took a lot of pride in but that he thought was only moderately interesting despite the smile in this picture. I think I got the idea from Family Fun magazine, but I can’t remember.

With this in mind, this is the conversation Jack and I had before bed last night which concluded the second day of second grade.

J: You should make me a cake for the grade I am in school.

Mom: I made you a cake last year and you didn’t like it!

J: I mean that you should make a cake for whatever day it is that is the same day as my grade.

Mom: Ummm

J: Like on the second day of second grade I get a cake!

Mom: Can it be cupcakes or does it have to be a cake?

J: I don’t care.

Mom: Great idea! But tonight is the second day of second grade, so for this year, can I do it tomorrow?

J: Yes.

I made Julie Hasson‘s Best Chocolate Cupcakes from 125 Best Cupcake Recipes with Jack’s favorite cream cheese frosting. (The buttermilk TRULY makes these killer cupcakes!) Next year, they will be in honor of our tradition, but this year they were in honor of Jack thinking enough about my wanting to give him a tradition that he thought of his own and shared it with me!


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