Different School, Different Candidate

Yesterday in class, Jack’s teacher took a poll – McCain or Obama. In our old town, the hands down winner was Obama and Jack would come home saying how great Obama was though he knew virtually nothing beyond his name and face. Jack informed me yesterday that almost the whole class rose their hand for McCain, but he still raised his hand for Obama. He said he was switching his candidate since most people want McCain. I told him that Obama was better because he was about helping more people and just because everyone else thinks someone else is better, doesn’t make it so. I said you don’t worry about what other kids think; you just do what you feel is right. He said he would stick with Obama.

I can’t believe I moved from a mixed race and socio-economic neighborhood into white suburbia and now send my kid to school with a bunch of little republicans. To boot, I drive an SUV.  Of course, there are advantages, but there was something about the white kid thinking it was absolutely normal that not EVERYONE looked and talked like him.


One Comment on “Different School, Different Candidate”

  1. Aaron says:

    Who will “help more people” is subjective. I think the real travesty is that you didn’t present both sides of the coin to Jack and allow him to choose which candidate he best identifies with (not the one his mom told him to choose). You telling him which candidate he should rally behind is no different from the kids in his class or his teacher doing so.

    In the meantime, let kids be kids. There is plenty of time for him to develop party affiliation and a political conscience before he is of voting age. Teach him values and avoid brainwashing based upon your own political biases.

    The other day when I picked him up at school, he said he feels we should be taxed when we spend money and not when we earn it, and that a consumption-based tax (rather than an income tax) is a better way to insure everyone pays their share. Now that is the kind of creating thinking that should be nurtured!

    And you don’t drive an SUV, you drive a crossover vehicle.

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