The Modern Mom Diaper Bag…

finally have my camera back to show the diaper bag that I made for my friend Dini who recently gave birth to two cute baby boys! Unfortunately, I was unable to sew this prior to her baby shower, so at her shower, I folded the fabric into a little pocket which held the pattern. I wish I’d taken a picture because I rarely think of things that clever! The trick was remembering to take it back when I left.

I chose Sew Baby’s Double Duty Bag after looking over many, many diaper bag patterns. She wanted an open top, so that narrowed it down. This pattern is reversible, and I really liked this feature. I rarely use patterns, but this pattern was easy to follow.

I found the fabric at a quilting store. The fabric called for a waterproof fabric, but I could not find anything I liked that was waterproof. I absolutely LOVE this fabric – it screams modern mom! I have some scraps left and I’m going to do something fun with them!The quilting store also suggested a different kind of interfacing that I hadn’t used before and it really gave the bag a certain “thick” quality.

I added a carabiner because moms need places to attach things, particularly moms of twins. This was very easy and turned out really nice.

The changing pad is what is sticking out. I bought tablecloth material that matched the material for the wipeable side. It wasn’t great to sew with, but it will work out really well I think for ease of use. I added some interfacing on the changing pad as well so little Ryder and Dylan’s bums and backs will be comfy.

It was a lot of fun to make this bag because I was so excited to give Dini something handmade for her new undertaking!


One Comment on “The Modern Mom Diaper Bag…”

  1. Shay C says:

    Sherrie- that bag is adorable! When i have children- i’ll have to call you up to make me one! 🙂

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