An Evening With David Sedaris

Aaron and I just got back from an evening with David Sedaris whom we both LOVE! He was so funny! A few new essays and some great stuff on the election season. I laughed so hard which was absolutely perfect after the crappy day I had. He even had a great piece about Costco involving condoms, strawberries and his brother-in-law. OMG it was funny!

Aaron’s sister also went, and as it turns out, she was sitting in the row in front of us. Our position near the end of the row was PERFECT for getting to be one of the first in line for the post-event book signing. He signed Dress Your Family in Courduroy and Denim to Aaron and I since we were each reading, or in my case listening to, the book the first time we ever met. We had him sign When You Are Engulfed in Flames for Aaron’s brother Matt who is also hilariously dry and sarcastic. I had him sign Holidays on Ice for a friend who shall remain nameless until the gift is given. David was trying to chat with me and find something interesting about me, but unfortunately, I am not interesting. Fortunately, this came as no big blow as I pretty much already knew this.

I will not let this ruin my terrific end to a crappy day!


3 Comments on “An Evening With David Sedaris”

  1. Jakki says:

    I can’t wait to read Holiday on Ice! 🙂 You are the best!!

  2. Jakki says:

    And, I know that you are an incredibly interesting person. Your family alone is a gold mine of “interesting” story material, not to mention the fact that you’ve lived and travelled in many places, you have great hobbies, interesting opinions, etc. I think many women, moms in particular, think they are boring or have boring lives, when in fact, the exact opposite is true and you are a perfect example of that!

  3. sherrietraveling says:

    My family IS a gold mine of interesting material. Point taken.

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