Perpindicular vectors (or the current state of my life)

There is me, then there is them.

Have you had a day (or in my case a week) in which you made the right decision for you and found AND BELIEVED in the good for “them” only to have people you felt you knew turn into people you never knew? I hope not, but it makes you seriously question your relationships with people. The vast majority of people are supportive and see the BIGGER picture. Unfortunately, I allow the vast MINORITY of two throwing temper tantrums spoil the feeling of what can be a TERRIFIC opportunity for all of us.

Then there is me seeking validation on my integrity and professionalism.

Oh, but that is only one vector that has headed north to my due east.

There is me, then there is them.

Probably too frequently, I feel like I am unable to travel on my own winding path into the future that I want for myself and for my family because of them. How far do you go astray off the path you really know you should be traveling before you have no choice but to do some major self-adjustment?

I cannot control them. I have finally realized that. But I’m still sad in the reality.

This vector travels south while I continue due east.

Seriously, this week has got to go better this week.


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