Fall is here!!!

Jack and I had a VERY busy day today. We made sugar cookies and decorated them. (They were meant to be Halloween ones, but Jack chose a lot of xmas ones too.)

After that, I promised that I would help him rake leaves into a castle fort.

How do you make a castle fort out of leaves you ask? You simply rake the leaves into the walls making any structure you desire. We used to do this at my cousin Julie’s house when we were kids. Jack and I raked the whole yard!

After this raking bit, Jack invited friends over who thought it was awfully cool to have a backyard like this, and I went inside to can pears. My mother-in-law has a pear tree, and so I canned a bunch of pears. I hope they work out as I didn’t put them in the hot bath as long as I should have. I thought it was ten minutes, not twenty.I made pear apple crisp last night which we gobbled up for breakfast. Nummy! There is enough for all of us to have a nice sized breakfast tomorrow.

Friday, I went up to visit my friend Dini in Marshalltown. We went out for lunch with her 8 week old twin boys who were very groggy after their first shots that morning. We also went through Walmart so Dini could pick up whatever she needed. I was repeatedly oohed and aaahhhed at since I was pushing the twin stroller. You do get a lot of attention with twins!

Work is going slightly better. Only two more weeks until I start the new job! My sister and I both are starting new jobs on the same day.


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