I got into trouble at school today.

Those were the first words I heard from Jack tonight when I got home.

Mom: Why?

J: I drew an inappropriate picture.

Mom: Of what?

J: Someone peeing and there was a guy throwing up and the principal thought it was someone I knew and was mad at, but it wasn’t. He wasn’t mad about the throwing up, just the peeing.

Mom: What?

Aaron: He drew a picture of someone peeing on someone who was throwing up.

Mom: *pause* What???

Aaron: I have the picture here if you want to look at it.

(Sure enough, it was a picture of a man on a cliff peeing down onto a man who was standing on a lower cliff while the man being peed on was throwing up down the cliff.)

J: I got into trouble at my old school because I drew inappropriate pictures too.

(HELLO???!!!! Then stop drawing inappropriate things!)

Mom: Yes, you drew a picture of a butt and got into trouble.

J: Oh, yeah. Two pictures at my old school.

Mom: At what point did you think that your teachers would look at your drawing and think, umm, this is great!?

J: I really didn’t think about that. I was just thinking about throwing up and then I remembered that movie we watched (The Forbidden Kingdom), you know, where that guy was peeing on that other guy.

Mom: So, what are some inappropriate things that you should NOT be drawing?

J: Private parts. Would it be inappropriate if I drew a picture of a person like my teacher being stepped on by an elephant?

Mom: *speechless*

Aaron: Showing disrespect to anyone would be inappropriate.

Mom: Yeah. What else would be inappropriate?

J: Would it be inappropriate if I drew a picture of my teacher or someone else with an acorn falling on her head?

Mom: *speechless* Would she get hurt?

J: No, just like showing her dizzy or something.

Mom: I think that is fine as long as she doesn’t get hurt.


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