The Ant by Jack

Once upon a time there was an ant who had a happy life in the desert. Well, happy but there was still dinosors, you see. Well, I will jest tell you this story before I tell you that story. Well, it all started when a littel ant was climbing up a surrow (saguaro) cactus. An an owl poped out of a hole. The ant fell to the grownd. I am lost. the ant side. Wher am I? What is all that noise? Where is it coming from? Who cares about the noise? But where am I? The ant walked around for a few minutes. What shoud I do? Leav, stay, go left or right? What shoud I do, what should I do? Maybe I shoud go see what that horibell noies is. Sints I’m lost I will go. Maybe I shoud get a closer look? What is that? Look out! Somewon shouted. Crosh!! But it was to late. 😦 (with tears)

Below Jack’s story is a picture of an ant getting crushed by a dinosaur and the dinosaur is saying oops.

We are very proud of this story that was inspirired in part by Dav Piley’s The Adventures of Captain Underpants. Jack used several techniques that author utilizes to help his story along.

I fought the beginning of summer with Jack to get him to read. He refused to read anything. Now, he is reading nearly every night and actually asks for reading time!



One Comment on “The Ant by Jack”

  1. Babs says:


    I just read Jack’s ant story…I am so glad he remembers about saguaros. Because I taught second grade, I’ve always been interested in the stories children write at that age. Can you send me a copy??


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