More Cakes and of course Pies!

Our old Cub Scout pack did an annual cake auction in which the boys auctioned off their own cake. Our new Cub Scout pack does an annual cake walk. We stuck to our old Derby car cake pattern since the people here haven’t seen it before. Last year’s cake did turn out better.

As it turns out, we made a good choice because we took first in the Best Cub Scout Theme cake.


Here is the cake that Jack chose from the cake walk. It is very clever. The turkey bodies are made from chocolate covered cherries. It is VERY chocolatey. Jack is wearing his prize for having brought the coolest cake.


I must say it was very exciting to see the many different cakes that were brought to the cake auction. I can’t believe I didn’t bring the camera. Next year I’ll know better.

Last night I was busy baking new pies. Two years ago was the first time I made a pecan pie which is crazy because I will forgo calories for days to eat pecan pie! I had no idea it was so easy to make! This year I tried a new recipe – chocolate pecan pie. I only had 3 of the 4 eggs, but it still congealed. Here is the before and after….I cannot wait to dig in today.

pecan-pie-before pecan-pie-after

I tried a new apple pie recipe as well. I’ve been baking an award winning sour cream apple pie for years, but thought a new pie was in order. (The recipe is not my award winner.) I tried an apple cream pie this year. It looks yummy!

apple-pie-before baked-apple-pie

Now that I am looking at this picture, a few nuts would have been really good thrown in there as well.

We are heading down the road to Aaron’s parents house today. I’m going to work hard to NOT eat so many black olives before dinner to make myself sick. Once I start, I just cannot stop it seems. Actually, having them touching green olives would be enough to make me stop eating them.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on. It is not as good as I remember as a kid. The floats are cool, but all the dialogue and stupid performances are annoying.


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