Better things to do with my time

My 20 minute drive to work today took 60 minutes! My fingernails are gone as a result. I HATE traffic, I HATE people thinking that 1 inch of snow is an emergency, and I HATE traffic. Oh, I guess I already said that. Normally, I take the bus, but on Wednesdays I drive for an early meeting I need to get to. I would have arrived sooner on the bus because it takes the side streets, not the major thoroughfares and bypasses which were crawling today.

Had a very good chili today…it was made regular but a jar of salsa was added. I haven’t liked chili for years, but this was very good!

Aaron and I finished watching the movie Black Book last night. It was very good. It is about a Jewish woman who works for the resistance in the Netherlands during WWII. This movie starred Sebastian Koch who was in another good movie we watched recently called The Lives of Others. The Lives of Others is about 1980s Berlin and the German Stazi police. It was very good as well.

Not much to report today.


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