Sunny Sundays and Sewing

This weekend was beautiful which means everything now is wet and slushy. We still have plenty of snow left, so it isn’t as if we are in the home stretch. I did begin thinking about the garden this weekend though. We don’t have a plot of our yard set aside for this, but we do have some room in our flower bed for tomatoes. I’m thinking that maybe a couple large pots for some container gardening might be the way to go this year. I also need to put the bug in my husband’s ear about a compost pile too.

Sunday mornings I always look forward to a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. I sit in the back living room on my rocking chair that I bought specifically to nurse my son in and drink and read. That is how I spent this morning.

I got very ansy to sew today seeing as Jack has been sewing like a madman lately. I have been wanting to sew coffee sleeves which I found in the Sew Pretty Patchwork book I got about a month ago. We finally got a printer which meant I could copy off the template and enlarge it by the required 200%! Though I spent about 45 minutes searching for the stupid cd and loading it, it worked great.

These little things went together in about 20 minutes each plus a little time to handsew the ends together which I did while watching the Super Bowl. I really love the little birdie on them. I used scrap fabric from a quilt I made for Jack. Tomorrow I will be purchasing a coffee at work so I can see if they fit the cups. I am very excited…both for the test and the coffee.


While I was sewing, Aaron took the kids sledding for the second time this weekend. Each time the kids came home soaking wet, but they were glad to have had gotten some fresh air. I also took the dog for a walk today which was nice except for having to cross the people’s sidewalks that never shoveled. I nearly slipped and fell twice. Drake nearly slipped once as well. I’m sure the people driving by had a good laugh at our expense.


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