How I spent my time between 2 and 3 am last night

Incredibly enough, Jack has NEVER thrown up since he was two years old. He is 8 and a half now. He truly has been one of the most healthiest kids ever, particularly for spending his life in daycare! I chock it up to breastmilk! He had croup once, a cold here and there, and he missed two days of school in three years for sickness.

But last night at 2:00 am, he threw up from the top bunk onto the floor, bottom bunk and toys that lay underneath. In the grand scheme of things, the volume was piddley. But I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such a healthy kid that I never had to deal with this ever before. When he was two, he threw up into me and then the toilet, each of which were easy to clean.

I just kept thinking how lucky I was when I couldn’t stand the smell while scrubbing the carpet. Speaking of which, it is amazing how LITTLE animal hair actually gets picked up by a regular vacuum though it looks like it is doing a good job. Check this out yourself with some hard circular scrubbing on your own carpet. My bff got herself the Dyson Animal and she says it was worth every penny! It picks up hair that she never knew was there.

Thanks to my bff, I knew that you could just take those gross sheets, chunks and all, and throw them in the washing machine. I think one of her kids has puked from the top bunk at her house too. I haven’t checked yet, but I am a little suspicious that I won’t need to wash twice. We’ll see…

I always use my favorite and cheapest deoderizer of all – pure baking soda on the carpet and bed to soak up the smells. It vacuums up beautifully with my Dyson handheld mini-vacuum.

Now, I’ve got a sore neck from sleeping on the couch as Jack got my bed.

Now that a baby is on the way, I guess it is time to get used to gross excretions and smells….although again, the breastmilk keeps the gross smells to a minimum as well until food is introduced.


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