The Tucker T-shirt from Target

I saw this at Target and fell in love.

It is part of the new Tucker at Target line. Cute, cute stuff. I already bought a cute Tucker cami type shirt for a wedding recently and couldn’t justify spending the $19 on a t-shirt too, especially since I thought I could make something similar with scraps and a $4 clearance t-shirt (from Target).

I initially started with the idea that the fabric dots would run from orange to red to blue, but I switched to using a variety of colors. I used the end spools of thread for the circles and cut them with pinking shears for an added detail. I’m not sure I would use the pinking shears again.

I then ironed them on to the shirt following the Steam a Seam 2 instructions, then sewed them on with free form circles.

Next time, I would use a better quality knit shirt as this was a bit difficult to sew and got a bit wonky at times. I also don’t know how well the shirt is going to wash and wear over time considering the work involved in customizing it.

All told, this project took about two hours mainly because I cut “test” circles and pinned them to the shirt to determine the position and right size for the shirt. I then cut the circles out of fabric, then cut the heat and bond, then attached the two together. Had I properly read the instructions, I would have known that I should have applied scraps of fabric to the bonding material then cut them together. These things would have saved me at least  half an hour to forty-five minutes had I done these things right. For instance, once I figured the appropriate size for the circles, I could have used the fabric WITH the Steam a Seam 2 already on it to determine the placement rather than the paper and pins.

I think it turned out well. Plus I was able to use pieces of some of my favorite fabrics!


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