Apple Season

Life is too short for some things. Eating crappy sale apples shipped in from 5 states away is one of those things. In my opinion.

I readily admit that I am an apple snob. I can NOT stand eating a Red Delicious with its bitter, thick skin and tasteless flesh. I LOVE Honeycrisp apples. YUMMY! With its crisp, sweet flesh and thin, tasty skin, how can you NOT love these apples?

The time between peak peach season and apple season is lonely and long at my house. We buy fresh peaches from local farmers who either grow them or purchase them from small Missouri farmers (who then purchase that farmer’s apples or corn when in season).  The extra expense for fresh from the tree peaches is well worth it when you compare the taste with the grocery store picked three weeks before ripening ones.

Peak peach season ends in July usually around here, but apple season doesn’t really ramp up until September. Meanwhile, Jack and I are clamoring for some good apples while we eat the pears we canned the season prior.

Apple season is just one reason why I love, love, love fall. Whenever I go to the local orchard, I am reminded again of why I love, love, love fall. This past weekend, I bought a peck of Jonathan and a peck of Cortland apples from the local orchard for pies and applesauce. Since I consider life too short to eat pies from the grocery freezer section, I am the pie maker for holidays.

I do. not. show. up. without. a. pie.

I was hoping to make some pies and freeze them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but worried about the freezer room until Jakki suggested I can apple pie filling!

How easy is that?

Super easy!

So, at 9:46 pm I started.   

(Yesterday, Miss Mila woke up in the middle of my apple peeling/slicing/coring and made the quick work it required tricky, so I waited until kids no longer needed me.) What? Don’t you start new and exciting projects at this hour? Unfortunately, I have a long history of doing just that.

Run dishwasher to sterilize jars. Start canning water to boil. Start pie filling yummyness cooking. Get lids and screw tops ready for boiling. (Doesn’t my new painted tile back splash look great?)

Create a workable space for quick apple action! Don’t forget the lemon juice!

Core/peel/slice. Repeat. I kept the apples separated by variety so I could ensure a mixture in each jar.

Fill jars with apples, then filling. I used a wooden kebab skewer to get the air bubbles out. An extra set of husband hands helps with this process.

Boil for 20 minutes and set on rack to cool. Listen to the *pop* while you doze off to sleep. This sound made me so happy as I fell asleep!

All told, this took me about one and one half hours including clean up and prep. Unfortunately, I couldn’t secure enough quart jars, so I had to use mostly pint jars. I think the pint jars will be all right because I won’t feel bad about opening a jar for Saturday morning french toast, oven baked pancakes, crepes, etc.

In the coming days, I’ll be canning applesauce and pears from grandma’s house.


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