Some things make me smiley from my head to my toes.


Providing a good reference for a deserving person.

Then, sending that person an email telling her why she is such a great person.

Making creamy, delicious fudge for someone only to have it lost in the mail, then to have it delivered.

Making creamy, delicious fudge for myself.

Having the kids just know there is a homemade sweet baked treat for them nearly every day.

Morning coffee.

Morning coffee when I’m all alone.

Being the first person to dip a knife into the peanut butter jar.

Opening up a new can of Cafe Bustelo…from the first crank of the can opener until I pull the lid off. The anticipation, the smell, oh my!

Opening a jar of something I canned.

A freshly vacuumed floor.

Sleeping with a window open.

80 degree weather in October. In Iowa.


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