I gave it a go

I tried it. I really gave it a go, but I just cannot do it.

I tried to like ground turkey.

The taste wasn’t bad unless you had to first cook it.

The weird congeal-ie factor involved in browning it and the weird smell did me in. If it were prepared for me, I would eat it. But, I prepare 95% of the food around here, and I just couldn’t go through with eating it after I cooked it.

I know it is better for me. I know it is better for my family, but I just can’t do it, Jennie-O. Even now when I see your commercial in which you take over a closed restaurant for a day and feed the neighborhood turkey burgers, I think, yes, I would eat a turkey burger IF I DIDN’T HAVE TO FIRST TOUCH IT TO FORM IT THEN COOK IT.

Bleh Bleh Bleh

I’ll stick to my 90% lean ground beef thank you very much.


2 Comments on “I gave it a go”

  1. sragal says:

    WHAT??? I’ve totally given up on beef and switched to ground turkey. I think it takes a few times to make it to adapt to it – plus, it’s easy to overcook which totally ruins it. You could try buying the pre-made turkey burgers to first grow to like the taste?

  2. Sherrie says:

    I bought it in a pack of 3 lbs, so I gave it three times. The smell of it cooking makes me gag. The way it looks when I cook it makes me gag. The taste is fine, but the process of cooking it…wait, I’m getting throw up in my mouth just thinking about it! 😦

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