Our Good Go-To Breakfast or Brinner

Some days call for something special.

Lazy Sunday mornings, the first day of school morning, birthday mornings, brinner nights (breakfast for dinner).

At our house, that good go-to breakfast/brinner is Crepe Pancakes.

You see, we like our pancakes thin as crepes most of the time. This way you can maximize your topping offerings.

Spread with Nutella, roll it up, and you have a Nutella crepe that is not messy to eat.

Add a slice or two of bacon, pour a tad amount of syrup on it, roll it up, and you have a crepe that is not messy to eat.

Fill one up with the blueberry black raspberry jam you canned, roll it up and you have a crepe that is not messy to eat.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Crepe Pancakes (originally provided by my BFF Jakki)

Pull out your griddle from the pantry, find a nice level kitchen surface and warm up the griddle to 375. Because this batter is thin, an even surface will make your life a lot easier. I have found that one little corner results in the best possible level surface. (Had my husband installed the counter tops and the cupboards, I’d have plenty of level surfaces to work with.) I have tried this in sauté pans on the stove top, but never with any luck.

1 c milk and 2 T butter
heat together in the microwave and cool slightly OR if you don’t have a microwave (What! Some people don’t have microwaves!), melt the butter in a saucepan, add milk and heat until warm to the touch, but not hot (about 4 minutes)

While you are waiting for your milk to cool or warm (as it may be), take 2 eggs and blend them in the blender or food processor (my preference).

In a pretty little plum colored dish, combine 1/2 c. flour, 1 tsp baking powder, and 1/2 tsp salt.

Add all the milk mixture to the processor/blender (or a portion if you have a three cup or smaller processor) and all (or a portion) of the flour as well and blend until mixed.  When I used a blender, the flour would get stuck on the sides and the batter would get too much air resulting in a different textured pancake for the first few, so I prefer the processor for this job. I add all the milk to the eggs and about half the flour and mix. I pour it into my Pyrex bowl, and add the rest of the flour and whisk until combined. The batter isn’t too airy, yet all is combined like below.

Check to make sure your griddle is hot enough by throwing a couple drops of water on it. If they dance, it’s ready.

Slowly pour your batter from your Pyrex bowl onto the griddle in salad plate amounts. You will know immediately how level your surface is. Until I found my “magic” counter spot, I would strategically hold up one corner of the griddle until the batter set.

When the batter bubbles just like a regular pancake, flip. You want it to be light brown, not pale, not dark brown.  This one is almost ready to flip.

Serve immediately and safe the leftovers in the fridge. Take them out and serve them to anyone for a snack! They are best at room temperature or warm.  Given the mixing in this recipe and how nummy leftovers are, it is better to make too much rather than too little.

I double this recipe, and I get 12 dinner salad sized crepes out of it.  The baby eats 1, my husband eats 2 and everyone else eats 3. This baby says that mama better start tripling the recipe because she needs more!


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