Halloween Preparations

We’ve been very busy around here trying to get homework done, Cub Scout popcorn sold, attend parties (3 of us are 0/4 for cousin birthday parties so far), pick pumpkins from Grandma’s patch, make Halloween costumes and wrap up volunteer commitments. The looks on these kids’ faces says it all. Like them, everyone in this family is going in completely different directions trying to get everything done.

We were, however, able to have a little fun along the way.

I’ve been sewing Mila’s mummy costume this week. It required me improvising from a tutorial I’ve wanted to use for a while from Dana and using some basic shirt construction techniques to make the top. It has been so much fun! AND, it looks great!  I made a mummy skirt, shirt, leg warmers and a hat.

Little Mila HATES her mummy hat. I went back and forth between a hat and a headband, but figured if she is going around the block even, she should have a hat. I think I’ll make a headband too for the daytime when she’ll wear the costume.

I’m working on a tutorial for the projects because it was pretty easy and looks so neat!  Here’s a sneak peak of the cowl necked shirt…

Jack missed the deadline for me making a new costume for him, so he is going to be a Viking because we have a cool costume that I made several years ago still. The bear fur coat will still fit him, so he’ll be that. I just have to make a new helmet.

I’d love to make this cake, but it is hard to justify making a cake the weekend of Halloween since the candy bowl will be overflowing. Maybe Jack will be interested in having a cake like that for his Cub Scout Cake Walk coming up in November.


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