Pie Crust

Last night I made chicken pot pie.

“I want a new computer!”

“I want chicken pot pie.”

“I want a new car.”

Don’t understand? You should be watching Modern Family on Wednesday nights then.

So, I made pie crust because what is chicken pot pie without the pie crust?



My chicken pot pie had only a top crust to save on calories. Under this, I added chicken, carrots, leeks, green onions and sweet potatoes. Those leek haters didn’t even notice!

Except, I forgot to add the peas.

Chicken pot pie really misses something without the peas.

It misses joyful green next to the vibrant orange.

And, it misses some flavor, some chicken pot pie flavor.

Back to the fabulous pie crust.

Do you know anyone that loves that weird, dull flavor of unbaked pie crust?

It’s me. I do.

I LOVE pie crust, unbaked, freshly rolled out.

Weird, I know.

But wonderful.


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