Buttercream, Dinosaurs and Rice Krispies

The 2010 Cub Scout Cake Walk is over, and I am exhausted.

Because we were were both inspired by The Bake-Off Flunkie‘s wonderful cake for her daughter and this special effect,

over the last two nights, Jack and I have:

mixed three batches of buttercream frosting into 5 colors,

formed sticky, stucky Rice Krispie Treats into a volcano,

made frosting palm leaves that looked more like fern leaves,

and brought a geriatric dinosaur back from the grave.

And despite, “very sore legs” from “all the standing”, Jack is still smiling!

Tonight, all that hard work paid off with a three-way tie in the Looks Like It Tastes The Best category (which used to be Coolest Cake and seemed more suited to this year’s entries)!

Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of the other two co-winners. One was a fabulous rendition of the hamburger cake and the other was a basic bundt cake covered in fudge frosting, sour gummy worms, and gummy bugs. Bugs are always a winner with our Pack!

We have so many creative folks, and here are some of my other favorites I saw tonight.

From the Looks Like It Tastes The Best category:

Leftover Halloween candy maybe?

From the Holiday category (new category this year with lots of fun entries):

This friendly reindeer has antlers made from the newest flavor of Cub Scout popcorn.

From the Best Scout Theme category:

I love those fish in the stream!

Love the “Bug” feel of this derby car!

Did you buy some Cub Scout popcorn this year???

And our category winner with a FAB-U-LOUS derby car track complete with cars! This boy’s number in the cake walk got picked first, and he left with his own cake!

Now, I’ve got to start cutting butter for my some pie crusts!


One Comment on “Buttercream, Dinosaurs and Rice Krispies”

  1. I love it! What a fun project for the two of you! 🙂

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