He Digs Because He Can

I found Jack digging in my stash of fabric tonight.

This is unusual.


Mom: What are you doing?

Jack: I’m going to make a Christmas present for Aaron and you.

Mom: {GIANT GRIN} Can I help?

Jack: No. You’ll see what I’m making.

M: Well, what do you need?

J: This fabric (light blue with brown floral) and some boy fabric. And, I need that plastic (a.k.a. vinyl). I need a LOT.


I got him all situated with the necessary tools and the necessary reminders concerning rotary cutters and whatnot. I walked away hoping he wouldn’t cut off his finger while I gave him some space.

Then, I peeked through the kitchen.

He decided, cut and started figuring out the practical application of his design.

At this point, it occurred to me that he may need the sewing machine.


M: Do you need to sew something?

J: {Brow furrowed in concentration} Yah.

M: Then I’ll need to help you.

J: {Exasperated} You’ll see!

M: I’ll help with Aaron’s, and Aaron can help with mine.

J: OK.


We worked together implementing his design which is thoughtful, practical and fashionable.

We used some MAD ruler and practical design skills.

We shared some great mom and son time.

He figured, he cut and he sewed.

Then, I had to ask if my project was going to be the similar to determine if Aaron was up to the challenge.

No, he said, it was much grander.

{Mom’s heart melted.}

So, we made an appointment for him to visit Grandma Kathy for a sewing session.


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