This is day six in the #Reverb10 project.

Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

Last made

Friday night and Saturday morning I baked and frosted Jack’s 10th birthday cake. It was a football field.

Birthday cakes are a big deal around here if you remember from here, here, here, here and here.

As I was frosting it, I was a bit down in the dumps thinking how this was not one of my “better” cake decorating attempts. I’m not sure why exactly.

Maybe it was the fallen corners that I had to frost back together. It made the corners look like the field was sorta falling off a cliff.

Maybe it was the fact that of all the birthday cakes Jack has requested (except last year when he requested a chocolate chip cookie bar tower), this one was the most plain because Grandma made the edible images. (HUGE shout out to Grandma Mary for making those on the machine I told her she was crazy to buy.)

It just felt like it wasn’t up to par.

It was a HUGE boost when Jack walked into the kitchen, saw his cake and said, “That’s the best cake ever! I love you mom!”

{mom’s heart melts AGAIN just typing that}

I needed to remember that the cake needn’t be elaborate, just what he wanted.

Yet to make

My sewing list should be getting smaller each day closer to Christmas, but instead it seems to get larger.

Sewing to complete by Wednesday 3:45 pm when Jack comes home from school to his room makeover birthday present:

  • keyboard cover
  • curtains
  • 1.5 pillows
  • turn shower curtain into a comforter

Sewing to complete by Friday, December 17 for Mila’s birthday:

  • an owl jumper to match her owl birthday theme (the fabric is in the blog header)
  • alphabet book (probably will get shoved to Christmas)
  • felt crowns for her and her dad
  • a lola stuffed animal

Sewing to complete for Christmas presents:

  • present for Jakki and Babs (same, but different)
  • tactical vests for our nerf loving boys which then turned into holsters because Aaron and I both think they would work a lot better for them
  • finish free motion quilting my parents’ 25th anniversary quilt (1.5 years late) so I can start binding the damn thing

I need to exponentially increase my sewing time FAST!


One Comment on “Make”

  1. Sara says:

    So glad to see that Jack is a Vikes fan. And please, the cake looks amazing. I’m sure it tasted so as well.

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